MULTI PINGER – Pinging To The Next Level




MULTI PINGER is the next pinging tool its allow you to pinging more than 1 ping in same time.
you can pinging up to 10 pinging at same time with different dns/ipaddress.
you can brute ping to the dns/ipaddress, it will help you to manage and analyze for getting better ping, and lower ping latency

This app is a can be simple ping and can hard to pinging, its give you the option for helping you manage and analyze your ping network.
Using ping command for troubleshooting networks will narrow down the causes of your networking.

– Allow you ping multiple at same time
– Pinging another dns at same time
– Brute ping up to 5 ping at same dns/ip address
– Monitoring and analyzing your ping network

Lets pinging to the next level with Multi pinger !!

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